Gun Control: New Law Would Stop Gun Purchases From Those Deemed ‘Potentially Dangerous’

Gun control legislation supported by California Democrats Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer has caused concern and backlash from Second Amendment supporters. If passed, the Pause for Safety Act would “encourage states” to permit citizens to garner gun violence prevention orders from a local court. The court would then “temporarily” block the ability of the subject of the order to buy any type of gun.

The gun violence prevention warrants would also allow police officers to temporarily seize all guns from anyone deemed “potentially dangerous.” The Pause for Safety Act comes just after the Seattle shooting and the Santa Barbara shooting by Elliot Rodger who killed six people before turning the gun on himself. The far-reaching implications and possible abuse of such a law is a major concern for many gun owners and Second Amendment advocates. If a disgruntled spouse in the midst of a divorce reports an alleged threat from a soon-to-be-ex, that person could be stripped of their weapons. Once left defenseless, the other spouse, who could be a real threat, would have an easy target, gun rights advocates contend.

Barbara Boxer had this to say about the Pause for Safety Act after referencing the Elliot Rodger incident:

“It is haunting to me that the family of the gunman was desperate to prevent an act of violence and alerted police, but they were still unable to stop this tragedy. When the people who know someone best fear there is a threat of violence, they should be able to go to court – with due process for everyone involved – to help prevent a tragedy.”

Diane Feinstein added, “We must do everything in our power to keep firearms out of the hands of those who pose a serious risk of harm to themselves or to others.” Democratic Congresswoman Lois Capps of Santa Barbara introduced the Pause for Safety Act in the House earlier this week.

Lois Capps had this to say about the gun control bill which Second Amendment advocates feel will infringe upon their right to bear arms:

“We need reasonable, common sense solutions so that we all feel safe in our homes and out in our communities. This important bill will allow families who see disturbing warning signs the ability to work with law enforcement and mental health professionals so that they may intervene and better prevent acts of violence. Far too often there are many red flags but no one is able to connect the dots. This bill seeks to do just that.”

Although the Pause for Safety Act would not mandate that states permit citizens to obtain gun violence prevention orders, it would offer taxpayer-funded grants to initiate the steps necessary to implement such a process.

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