Rob Kardashian’s Trainer Speaks Out: ‘Rob Works Out In Beast Mode’

Rob Kardashian may not be relying on his family to get him through this tough time in his life, but he does have the support of another important person: His trainer. The reality television star has been working out with longtime friend and celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, according to People Magazine. Peterson recently opened up about Rob’s recent “wake up call,” which occurred when he left Europe just before Kim’s wedding. Apparently Rob sent Gunnar a text — and the two have since been working together, focused on getting Rob back to being healthy and feeling good.

Peterson explained:

“I think Rob knows exactly what to do. He’s worked out [before] and he’s focused. We’re doing intervals with strength movements: squats, the sled, swings and push presses. It’s about getting his heart rate up and keeping it up.”

Rob Kardashian doesn’t get an “easy” workout but Peterson says that he does intervals with Rob, likely to keep things interesting — and to keep Rob’s body guessing (some think that this is key for weight loss through exercise).

Peterson said:

“We’re doing intervals with strength movements: squats, the sled, swings and push presses. It’s about getting his heart rate up and keeping it up. I don’t have a scale, I’m not big on measurements. Until a person looks in the mirror and is happy with themselves, you have not reached your fitness goals. The key to anyone’s success is staying with it!”

It’s not going to be an easy road for Rob, who has to learn that he can’t just workout whenever he feels like it. Being on a schedule and making sure that workouts become a priority is extremely important for him to see success — but Gunnar knows that Rob can do it.

“The toughest thing is to fit it in. People forget he’s in the show, he has the sock business and he has other interests. But with a good diet, the right sleep and steady workouts, he will see changes. He’ll start seeing and feeling it in a couple of weeks and will see major changes in six to eight weeks. I’m a firm believer in trying to make something that might not be considered fun by a lot of people, fun. And hopefully that makes the person have a positive association with it and they want to come back. Rob works out in beast mode. When I see him, we laugh, have fun and he gets after it hard at the gym. I know he can do this.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rob Kardashian seems to be having more than a weight problem. Those close to him have said that he is suffering from severe depression. There has also been a rumor floating around that Rob’s mom, Kris Jenner, has become a major problem in his life. According to Hollywood Life, Rob’s sisters haven’t been too supportive either.

An insider shared:

“Rob feels like no one is on his side — especially Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. He feels like they have turned their backs on him and he’s really hurt. Khloe was probably his closest confidante but now he’s a second fiddle to French Montana. Kim makes him feel like a loser and Kourtney is too busy with her own life to give two hoots about him.”

Do you think Rob Kardashian will get himself back on the right track?

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