Calvin Harris Impersonated By Ed Sheeran At Madonna’s Post-Oscars Party

Believe it or not, Calvin Harris was recently impersonated by Ed Sheeran. Although the guys look nothing alike, apparently that didn’t matter much to the people overseeing Madonna’s post-Oscars get-together.

The lesson this article is preparing to teach is relatively simple: If anyone wants to crash a party in Hollywood, they just need pretend they’re a British celebrity. Since nobody in the States knows what they look like, dropping his or her name could grant you access to a shindig filled with all sorts of famous faces. Just make sure you pick someone relatively obscure in North America. Otherwise your plan could ultimately backfire.

The “Don’t” singer proved that all you need is a name to get into one of Madonna’s lavish parties. After the Academy Awards ceremony was officially wrapped up, Sheeran decided to partake in the festivities put together by the Material Girl. Although he wasn’t on the list, Ed simply pretended he was Calvin Harris. Apparently it worked like a charm.

Although Harris might take offense to this practice, apparently it was his girlfriend who suggested the ruse. According to the Irish Examiner, the plan went off without a hitch.

“It was the Oscars after-party and I was with my cousin and Rita Ora and her sister and they were like, ‘We’re going to Madonna’s party, do you want to come?’ and I was like, ‘Well we’re not on the list’, and Rita was like, ‘Look, no one knows what Calvin Harris looks like over here [in America] so if you just say you’re him, you’ll be able to get in,'” the songwriter explained to rapper JME.

Ed continued, “So we ended up going there and as we walked in, the first person we saw was Paul McCartney and me and my cousin were like, ‘Yeah we’re going to go up and say hi’ and as we were talking, we get tapped on the shoulder and pushed out the way and then Prince walks in and just starts having a conversation. It was mental.”

Where was Calvin Harris when these shenanigans were taking place? He was either busy with his gig in Las Vegas or watching his songs rise and fall on iTunes. The Inquisitr previously reported that Harris apparently spends a fair amount of time tracking his own status on the aforementioned digital retailer’s sales charts.

Are you surprised that Ed Sheeran impersonated Calvin Harris to gain access to Madonna’s post-Oscars party? Can you honestly believe it worked?

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