Calvin Harris Keeps A Watchful Eye On The iTunes Charts

Calvin Harris has a habit of obsessively watching the iTunes charts.

Whenever the DJ releases a new tune, he spends a fair amount of time wondering how popular the song is with his fans. This reportedly includes keeping a very close eye on the iTunes charts before and after the track’s official release.

While a lot of singers and bands probably do the exact same thing, none of them are willing to admit it in public. However, Calvin Harris has no problem telling the world that he’s obsessed with watching his songs rise and fall in popularity.

According to Bang Showbiz, Harris recently enjoyed a fair amount of success with his new single, “Summer.” Although he’s had plenty of popular songs in the past, Calvin reportedly still gets a huge thrill out of seeing the song on the iTunes charts.

“It feels absolutely fantastic, even the novelty of having a song playlisted on the radio,” Harris recently told the outlet.

He added, “‘Also, don’t think on the week of release I’m not refreshing iTunes every five minutes. Even Rita’s single, which obviously I wrote and produced, I was refreshing iTunes all week.”

Chances are Calvin Harris is pretty excited about his placement on the iTunes songs chart at the moment. As of this writing, “Summer” is still riding high at number 10. Unfortunately, Rita Ora’s tune “I Will Never Let You Down” is absent from the top 100 at the moment. However, the track is currently number seven in the UK.

While it’s unknown if Harris has constructed a shrine devoted to his accomplishments in one of his homes, The Inquisitr previously reported that the DJ devotes an entire room to Rita at his house in Los Angeles. In fact, Calvin apparently set aside some space for the stuff she acquires down the road.

“Calvin went to the trouble of getting all of Rita’s gold and platinum single discs mounted onto the wall in one of the rooms at his Los Angeles place,” an insider told the Daily Star earlier this year.

The anonymous source continued, “It has the platinum discs for ‘R.I.P.’ and ‘How We Do’ from Australia, the gold discs from ‘How We Do’ from the UK and New Zealand, and still photographs of Rita acting in the new ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie.”

Are you a fan of Calvin Harris? What do you think about the DJ keeping a close eye on the iTunes charts whenever he releases a new song?

[Image via Sol Republic]