Dairy Queen Employee Faces Felony Armed Robbery Of Own Workplace

A Dairy Queen employee in Chicago was more interested in serving up fast cash to himself and his accomplice rather than serving up fast food to customers.

CBS Chicago reports that Marquis Boyd, 23, conspired to rob the Lincoln Park Dairy Queen with Haili Bernard, 28, and the plan went into action last Sunday night.

Dairy Queen Robbery Suspects: Marquis Boyd and Haili Bernard
Dairy Queen employee Marquis Boyd, left, and accomplice Haili Bernard, right.

According to police, while Boyd should have been closing the Dairy Queen around 10:30 pm that night, he instead let Bernard in through the side door to commence the planned robbery of the Dairy Queen.

“They agreed together,” Assistant State’s Attorney Lorraine Scaduto alleged of the conspiring duo. “Boyd opened the side door… and Bernard entered with a black chrome semiautomatic handgun.”

Bernard allegedly used the handgun to threaten the Dairy Queen manager and other employees, and he demanded to know where the safe was located. Before the manager could act and direct Bernard to the safe or any other money, another employee made a run for the door which startled Bernard.

At this point, Bernard stole the employee’s cell phone and ran out of Dairy Queen, according to the Chicago Tribune.

No one was injured during the robbery, according to police.

Dairy Queen employees called police directly after the incident, and police were eventually led to a connection between Boyd and Bernard through their investigation. The information gained from the investigation allowed them to find out that Boyd had prior knowledge of the plan to rob the store, and he was the one who let Bernard into the Dairy Queen via the side door.

On Wednesday, both men appeared in bond court and the Dairy Queen employee and his accomplice were each ordered to be held on $150,000 bail.

In court, Haili Bernard’s public defender told the judge that the accomplice had graduated from Lincoln Park High School in 2004, according to DNAinfo Chicago. No other information was made available about the Dairy Queen employee, Marquis Boyd.

Boyd and Bernard’s attempt and conspiracy to rob the Lincoln Park Dairy Queen on the North Side has them both facing felony armed robbery.

[Photo: Chicago Police Department]