$1.6 Million Worth Of Marijuana Found In ‘Fake” Government Truck By Border Patrol

The United States is in a turning point when it comes to its stance on marijuana. Colorado has been the in the news for awhile for being one of the first states to legalize marijuna, which was reported earlier here on The Inquisitr. We also reported how Florida is about to take a dynamic vote on the legalization of marijuana in their state, and Iowa is following in their pro-marijuana footstep too. But until the nation is considers marijuana fully legal among all states, drug cartels are going to continue smuggling marijuana over the border, and if they can, they’ll innovate the process… which just happened today.

According to a report by CBS, Arizona border patrol stopped a flatbed truck carrying 3,200 pounds of marijuana across the border from Mexico to the United States. Now the marijuna is estimated to be worth $1.6 million, which is a lot of of money on the running block. What makes this particular marijuana bust unique is the truck itself. From the report, the flatbed truck displayed fake decals that made it look like a government vehicle.

A representative with US Customs and Border Protection said when Tuscon Sector Border Patrol agents in Douglas, Arizona tried to stop the truck, the driver and another person fled back over the border into Mexico.

The agents searched the truck, which was detailed to look like a US Fish and Wildlife Service vehicle, and found a lot of marijuana hidden in compartments throughout the vehicle. Being that it was 3,200 pounds of marijuana, that is a lot of compartments.

flatbed truck

In another report by 48 News, the truck and the marijuana, once again approximately $1.6 million, were seized, but the suspects were not found, which may be near impossible now since border patrol does not have jurisdiction in Mexico.

It is very peculiar that drug cartels are picking up their marijuana output into the United States too. This innovative way of smuggling marijuana into the country, kind of proves that. It may come down to what is inevitable: marijuana will be legal in the United States. Either it be sooner or later, the government can help regulate and control marijuana, which has been an issue for many years now. By controlling and legalizing marijuana, they also get to tax it, which becomes another viable source of income for government projects.

Most Americans even support legal marijuana. Florida shows major support for marijuana legalization in an advanced poll, and there was also another poll that showed that sugar is actually more dangerous than marijuana too.

[Images via Border Protection]