Kelly Kapowski: Chris Paul’s Awesome Gift Leads To Wave Of Nostalgia For ‘Saved By The Bell’ Character

Kelly Kapowski may have graduated from Bayside High School more than 20 years ago, but the Saved By The Bell character is apparently still in the cool clique.

This week Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul shared an Instagram photo of his awesome birthday gift, a photo of Kelly autographed by Tiffani Thiessen herself. Thiessen later reposted the photo, writing, “I’m blushing. Hope you have an amazing birthday.”

The picture went viral pretty instantly, getting more than 70,000 likes in just a few hours, and also prompted other Kelly Kapowski fans to come out of the closet.

Not to be outdone by Chris Paul’s gift, tennis star Andy Roddick responded to Paul by tweeting,“I literally am having issues containing my jealousy….. Back off CP!”

When he later read Thiessen’s reply to Paul, Roddick grew even more jealous, writing, “and now she retweeted you…… This is getting ridiculous.”

Tiffani Thiessen was flattered by all the attention, with the White Collar actress responding to Roddick; “Wow! I am feeling very loved. My day has def gotten better. Thx guys. :)”

It was clearly quite a throwback for Thiessen, who graduated from the Kelly Kapowski character in 1994.

Kelly Kapowski

The two star athletes — who at 29 and 31 were in the perfect range to enjoy Saved By The Bell in their younger years — were far from the only ones to profess their love for Kelly Kapowski.

Twitter came alive with other fans of Bayside’s resident cheerleader.

But fans hoping to land Kelly Kapowski might be out of luck. She made her last appearance as the character in the 1994 movie Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas, in which the then 20-year-old got married to high school sweetheart Zack Morris.