Shocking Fort Hood Army Prostitution Ring: What $100 Will Get You

The entrance to the Fort Hood, a United States Military post in Killeen, Texas reads, “Welcome to Fort Hood – The Great Place.”

Some people may feel differently about that sentiment regarding Fort Hood, including the women who were allegedly forced into a prostitution ring, as reported by KDH News.

At the hearing yesterday, a female private testified against Fort Hood’s Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen. NY Daily News reports that the female private is a twenty-year-old single mom with a 3-year-old child. She was struggling to make ends meet financially, and McQueen was aware of this. The private testified that McQueen contacted her and asked her to consider working for him as an escort to “high-ranking noncommissioned officers (at Fort Hood) and civilians,” according to Fox News.

“Basically, it was having sex with higher ranking officers for money,” the private admitted.

Ironically, Gregory McQueen was a sexual assault prevention officer at Fort Hood at the time of these alleged incidents, per KDH News.

Given immunity for her testimony, the female private continued to reveal how McQueen had taken naked pictures of her and saved them on his cell phone to distribute to potential clients at Fort Hood. She also admitted that McQueen had sex with her so he could discover how she would “act out” with the Fort Hood clients, per NY Daily News.

One of those clients was Fort Hood’s 37-year-old Master Sgt. Brad Grimes. Grimes paid the female private $100 for sex in a motel room close to Fort Hood, and once again at her on-base home.

The testimonial reports also state that the female private Grimes had sex with has said, according to, that she earned anywhere from $400 to $500 at Fort Hood parties.

Currently, Grimes’ actions cost him a demotion at Fort Hood, and he was also reprimanded, per KDH News, although it has not been revealed what the reprimand consisted of.

If Grimes is convicted, however, according to, he faces a “maximum punishment of 12 months’ confinement, a reduction in rank to private and a bad-conduct discharge.”

The allegations continue for McQueen, as well, as a second female private says Fort Hood’s McQueen sexually assaulted her as he was trying to convince her, in what she refers to as an “interview” to join his prostitution ring, per NY Daily News.

This same female private stated that McQueen “preys on young females who are in bad financial situations and that he keeps their pictures on his cell phone,” according to a sworn statement per the Austin American- Statesman.

As the trial continues, Fort Hood’s McQueen, who has been relieved from his duties as Fort Hood’s assault prevention officer, could face ” a military court-martial on more than 21 criminal charges including pandering, conspiracy, adultery and sexual assault,” per KDH News.

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