World War 3: Is The United States Space Command Planning A Nuclear Weapons First Strike On Russia And China?

Fears over World War 3 involving nuclear weapons has spawned conspiracy theories that the United States may have plans for a first strike against Russia and China. In addition, some experts are looking to the history of the first Great War to determine if the situation in Ukraine could be the spark that ignites a large scale war.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, much of the talk about World World 3 has focused on Russia’s nuclear weapons. After all, Putin took a hard line on the Ukraine crisis by actually test firing an ICBM as a show of force. Russian state TV also warned that Russia’s nuclear weapons could reduce the United States to “radioactive ash” if NATO allies don’t back down, but this attempt at intimidation only caused NATO to discuss increasing the number of troops on the ground. Some journalists have already declared that World War 3 unofficially started already based upon the fact that pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine began openly fighting with the Ukrainian military. While this civil war already involves combat jets, helicopter gunships, and heavy artillery barrages, the only good news is that Russia’s military has not officially interceded on behalf of eastern Ukraine nor has Russia threatened the usage of WMDs lately. The last major time anything of that nature occurred was when Russia ran nuclear weapons drills to prepare the country for a potential war.

The bad news is that some people are discussing World War 3 in terms of the United States being the aggressor. For example, a recent Reuters video talked about a United States’ first strike policy on nuclear weapons. The report even claims that other countries are being forced into agreeing with the United States:

“American armed forces are now in over 150 countries. The unofficial figure, including clandestine US forces, is thought to be much higher…. We see that the US through a number of factors – economic bribery, diplomatic blackmail, subversion but also through bilateral, multilateral military programs, has been able to secure the overwhelming compliance or servility of other nations. And that’s one of the reasons why there’s no diplomatic and political independence in nations, because they are beholden to the United States and, frankly speaking, they’re fearful of US economic and ultimately military retaliation should they not go along with the US diktat.”

The Reuters reporters also spoke to Bruce Gagnon of the Global Network Against Weapons in Space, who claimed that the”US Space Command is planning a nuclear first strike on Russia, as well as one on China in 2016.”:

“This is in the planning process today. The US Space Command practicing engaging in a first strike attack and this is the key element here. These are first strike attack planning, these so-called missile defense systems are key elements in US first strike attack planning. The idea is to hit China or Russia first with a first strike, and then when they try to fire their nuclear retaliatory capability, it is then that the so-called missile defense systems would be used to pick off any retaliatory strike, so after a first strike sword is thrust into the heart of China or Russia, then the missile defense shield would be used to pick off any retaliation giving the US the a successful first strike attack. It has nothing at all to do with defense, it has nothing to do with freedom or democracy, or any of those words that are used all the time to disguise the true intentions; it’s all about full spectrum dominance.”

While those accusations sound like a conspiracy theory, Reuters is also reporting that NATO powers are indeed considering the possibility of World War 3 and how to prevent such an eventuality. Kathleen Hicks, who is now with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, believes that World War 3 could start as an accidental war:

“It’s not that the leadership in Russia or China is looking for a war – and the United States certainly isn’t. The real worry is miscalculation.”

The fear is that World War 3 could be triggered similar to World War 1, where the flash point was the killing of Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Serb nationalist. Nikolas Gvosdev, professor of national security studies at the U.S. Naval War College, believes the current Ukraine crisis and the confrontation between the United States and Russia can be compared to the events of history:

“The parallels with 1914 can definitely be overstated. But they do show us that war can start through unintended consequences and an economically interdependent world does not necessarily stop it from happening.”

President Obama even spoke to this possibility when he gave a speech to graduating military cadets:

“Regional aggression that goes unchecked, whether in southern Ukraine or the South China Sea or anywhere else in the world, will ultimately impact our allies and could draw in our military.”

Do you think the Ukraine crisis could trigger World War 3?

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