Brie Larson, Shailene Woodley, Out To Save Women Of Hollywood

Brie Larson’s close friendship with Shailene Woodley was just featured in yesterday’s New York Magazine, but viewing audiences are already buzzing about the implications of two close friends, one of whom has publicly asserted she’s not a feminist, trying to ‘save Hollywood’ and make things better for women. Some fans think Woodley is just confused about the meaning of the word, but others suggest Larson should distance herself, to make a difference.

According to The Wire, Larson and Woodley are allies in a quest to raise Hollywood’s consciousness. That may not ring true with fans still reeling from Shailene’s assertion to Time that she isn’t a feminist, describing the movement as removing men from power while empowering women.

Brie Larson hasn’t made any such statements, but Twitter is hot with people who’ve made the leap, sharing links to the article or photos of the magazine cover with commentary about the likelihood of two non-feminists saving Hollywood.

Others are suggesting that the association with Woodley is dangerous to Larson for, apparently, just that reason, and calling for Brie to distance herself:

Not that Larson is likely to see this warning — Brie told a Young Hollywood panel in November that she doesn’t use Twitter! (Neither does Woodley!)

Jezebel notes that a number of quotes in the interview sound rather feminist, such as Larson’s commentary on dressing up for events:

Too many times, I’ve put on the dress and the heels and tried to be this person that they want me to be, and I can feel myself getting itchy. Photos are taken at these events, and those photos are just another thing for women to compare themselves to and feel put down. I know that I can start going off in my brain about silly things like, Why is Cate Blanchett’s skin so perfect?! And I need to stop myself.

Larson also said,

Girls in this industry sabotage one another. We will never do that.”

Larson, who’s talked to ET about her joy in roles that increase her own awareness, and about playing diverse roles, certainly comes off as a person who wants to make things better. The question is, are the fans right? Is Brie Larson holding herself back by associating herself with a proponent of anti-feminism?