Obama Dummy Halts Traffic On Missouri Highway

A Barack Obama dummy halted traffic on an Oak Grove, Missouri highway. Witnesses said the dummy was found hanging from the Lefholz Road overpass on Interstate 70. Although it was an obvious fake, authorities closed the highway and rerouted traffic as a precaution.

A representative with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the dummy was wearing a President Obama mask. After constructing the effigy, the suspect or suspects hung the replica from the westbound side of the bridge.

Numerous witnesses reported seeing the distasteful effigy hanging from the bridge. Authorities responded to the scene and eventually closed a portion of Interstate 70. Officials confirmed the Obama dummy was removed from the overpass without incident.

Following its removal, the Barack Obama dummy was taken to an open field for close inspection. A bomb squad was called to check the effigy for explosives. Authorities later determined that the dummy was safe.

As reported by KMBC News, the Obama dummy is currently being stored by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators are attempting to determine who constructed it and why they hung it from the bridge.

In 2012, a photo of a similar effigy went viral online. Although the photo was reportedly taken on Bay Meadow Road in Sugar Land, Texas, the location does not exist. As reported by Culture Map Houston, it was later discovered that the Barack Obama dummy is the property of V.R. Phipps.

President Hanging

The Barack Obama effigy was actually part of a collection, which features numerous dummies and a mobile gallows. Phipps said he created the Obama dummy, and numerous others, in political protest.

Although the display was certainly distasteful, it is unclear whether Phipps broke any laws. However, the latest incident was far more dangerous.

It is unknown whether the pranksters were trying to be funny or make a strong political statement. However, their decision could have been deadly.

Although the Obama dummy did not contain any explosives, it created a dangerous distraction on a busy highway. As motorists were traveling at a high rate of speed, it was nearly impossible to determine whether the effigy was fake or a person in distress.

The distraction could have caused a dangerous or deadly chain-reaction accident. Thankfully, it was discovered before rush hour.

As the origin of the newest Barack Obama dummy is unknown, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is currently working with federal authorities to identify the suspect or suspects.

[Images via CultuteMap and CBS]