Arizona Asking For Private Donations To Build Border Patrol Wall

With the Federal government refusing to get behind the Arizona border patrol wall state lawmakers have begun asking everyday citizens for the cash needed to create a wall between the state and the Mexican border.

Lawmakers in the state setup a website where people can make donations towards the $50 million project.

According to Senator Steve Smith:

“Donate to the country’s security,” and “This is an American problem, not an Arizona problem.”

On the opposite side of the argument Politico received the following message from Ali Noorani, the leader of the National Immigration Forum:

“Spending on a fence is bad public policy,” he went on to add, ”The mechanics of this are very murky. The data proves that a wall is a waste of money.”

There is no projected time frame for when the state would like to receive the needed funds, my guess would be as soon as possible.