Bike Guided Tour Bus Concept Offers Green Technology And Exercise

Tour bus company’s looking to capitalize on lower fares while attracting a more “green and active audience” should start looking into the Bike Guided tour bus, a new concept that uses solar power to carry passengers and bicycles using a sleek compact design.

Designed in Seoul, South Korea the bus runs on solar power and carries bicycles which passengers sit on during the ride, when the bus stops at certain locations passengers can detach the bike to explore the location, once all passengers arrive back at the bus the bikes are placed back in their holders and the tour continues.

The idea is that tourists can explore the locations they stop at while the bus uses the sun to recharge batteries, allowing for a continuous and adventurous tour with no need for fuels for any kind.

At this time it’s only a concept but in terms of bringing a healthy lifestyle to touring it’s definitely a cool idea that could do well in areas where exploring a little bit further would be a benefit to tourists.

Here’s a video demonstration of the solar-powered tour bus in operation:

Would you be willing to put some leg power behind your green tour?