Quadruple Amputee, Travis Mills, Puts Things Into Perspective For Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe had quite a memorable Memorial Day holiday. While many Americans paid reverence to the fallen heroes of the country with cookouts, flags, and tributes, the former Dirty Jobs host had the opportunity to reflect on his meeting with an actual war hero.

According to M-Live News, the 52-year-old comedian-actor received the experience of a lifetime when he crossed paths with Retired Staff Sargent Travis Mills. He was reportedly a fan of Rowe's and requested to meet him a few weeks ago while attending The Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C.

Mills lost all four of his limbs as a result of an IED explosion during his time of active duty in Afghanistan back in 2012.

Rowe was so moved by the encounter and Mills' touching story that he opted to share the experience with the world via social media. He took to Facebook with a heartfelt post about meeting Mills.

"Fact is, Travis is missing more than a few original parts; he's missing all traces of self-pity," Rowe wrote. "And that presents a challenge for mortals like me. Because it's a hell of a thing to feel put out because a crowd of fans are making me late for an important meeting, and then listen to a guy with no arms or legs tell me how lucky he is, and how much he appreciates all my hard work.

"That's called a gut-check, and I could use one from time to time. Especially on Memorial Day, when the biggest decisions I face are what to grill and which type of frosty beverage to enjoy. This year, as I resolve these and other important issues, I'll think of Travis Mills. A guy who went out on a limb for me, in every way possible."

[Image via Facebook]