Sofia Vergara Talks Sex Symbol Strategy, ‘The Smurfs’

Well, not in the same sentence.

Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara may be starring in the upcoming family flick The Smurfs, but the 39-year-old Colombian actress seems to embrace her sultrier side as well. While fellow Hollywood A-listers like Jessica Biel and Megan Fox have complained that being highly rated as “hot”- Vergara has ranked on People‘s “Most Beautiful People” list and Maxim‘s Hot 100- the star says she’s grown to appreciate appearance-based accolades:

“I love it. Of course, it’s great at my age. It’s fantastic… I think that everything that is positive and good helps out with your career. Why not embrace it and take advantage?”

On what she does to stay sexy, Vergara elaborates:

“Everything in moderation. Not too much food, not too much exercise, not too much anything. Everything in moderation… And of course, wearing sun block, doing the things that your dermatologist tells you to do—that helps with the aging process.”

Vergara even manages to combine her more family-friendly new role with her siren persona. When asked what her “Smurf name” would be, she laughed and replied, “Sexy Mama Surf!” The new Smurfs film will be out at the end of July in theaters.