WildStar Network Error: Game's Launch Marred By DDoS Attacks, Many Users Locked Out

WildStar launched for early buyers on Saturday, but many early players looking to check out the role-playing game instead found themselves locked out.

Many users experienced issues connecting, with developers blaming DDoS attacks for the issues.

The game will be officially released on June 3, but it launched for early birds on Saturday. Many found however that servers were down and the game was inaccessible.

WildStar officials tried to keep fans abreast of the problems and offer potential fixes through their official forum.

WildStar executive producer Jeremy Gaffney also tried to clear up some of the issues through a post on Reddit, "I've heard from a few folks it's a confirmed DDOS attack (real time updates, may change, fog of war, etc.). Partially handled. Servers taking in some players now, player counts rising. Ninjitsu continues."

Through its official Twitter page, WildStar also asked fans for help in identifying the problems:

Many players also posted updates on Reddit's WildStar board. As of early Sunday, many still had issues connecting to the game.

The launch problems and server errors were a stumbling block for a game that came highly anticipated. WildStar has been in development since 2005, when 17 former employees from Blizzard Entertainment left to found Carbine Studios. The group said they initially wanted to do "anything but World of Warcraft," but found that another MMORPG best suited their talents.