Wiz Khalifa Says Rihanna Provided Inspiration For ’28 Grams’ Mixtape

Wiz Khalifa revealed that Rihanna provided inspiration for his new mixtape, 28 Grams.

Fans who feel the need to give a little love to the rapper’s muse should direct their outpouring of emotions in the singer’s general direction. Although Wiz Khalifa is responsible for crafting the songs found on the aforementioned release, he claims that Rihanna inspired him to put these endeavors into one nifty package.

He recently tweeted:

Khalifa, who has spent a lot of time posting random comments on Twitter, recently compared himself to a very well-known musician. We’ll give you three guesses, but chances are you won’t figure it out without peeking at the tweet embedded below.

According to Latino Post, a lot of the rapper’s friends tried to convince him to put some of those 28 Grams tunes on his upcoming album Blacc Hollywood. Since he went in a slightly different direction with the mixtape, Wiz Khalifa decided to just give the songs away to his legion of loyal fans.

“I’m gonna be using auto-tune beats and s**t like that, like real trapped-out s**t. I just came up with this character called ‘Trap Wiz,’ who’s like really really rude as f**k,” he recently explained.

The rapper added, “I was just thinking I was gonna write these songs and give them to people as I did them, but I was playing them for people and they was like, ‘Yo, you need to put this on an album!’ I’m like, ‘Nah, I can’t do no album like this,’ but like everybody from my n***as to f**kin’ Rihanna is like, ‘Yo, this the s**t that we wanna hear.'”

Although his next studio album might sound a bit different from the mixtape, Khalifa seems to think people are going to thoroughly enjoy what he’s put together. His collaboration with Adele may have fallen through, but apparently Miley Cyrus helped out with one of the new songs.

“I’m just trying to get the right feature on there. It’s gon’ be a really good look. It’s gon’ be a big look. ‘Blacc Hollywood’ in general is gon’ be sonically something that people kinda expect, but it’s like they want it, so it’s gonna be a good thing for me to deliver,” he told Rap-Up TV.

You can download Wiz Khalifa’s 28 Grams by traveling here.

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