Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Want Billy Ray To Become Bruce Jenner [Rumor]

Miley Cyrus doesn’t want her dad Billy Ray to become a reality TV star.

Although reports suggest that producers really want the country music singer to sign on for his very own television program, his twerking daughter doesn’t think this is a good idea. Instead of letting Billy Ray following his reality TV dreams, Cyrus has essentially put her foot down on the matter. That’s what sources are saying, anyway.

The rumor about Miley Cyrus and her aversion to reality television seems to have started with the folks over at Radar Online. The singer’s aversion to her father’s question for small-screen stardom is simple: She doesn’t want the guy to become the next Bruce Jenner. Considering the amount of negative attention he receives, that’s perfectly understandable.

“Billy Ray has turned down what must be his sixth reality show offer in the last four years because Miley has been very strict with her parents about not doing them, even though they have been offered a fortune by all the big players, including Bravo, Lifetime and E, to open up their home to cameras,” an insider recently dished to the website.

The anonymous source added, “Miley is a student of the mistakes of the people who have come before her, and she always thought Britney Spears’ decision to do a reality show was the beginning of her downfall.”

Perez Hilton claims that Miley Cyrus’ caused some financial problems for her dad when she decided to separate her income from his. Since the country star no longer has access to the singer’s growing wealth, he reportedly started looking for other ways to make a buck. That’s when the idea of a reality show started popping up in conversation once again. Of course, Miley isn’t going to let that happen.

“Ever since Miley broke away financially from her parents, she’s had to watch their incomes plateau while hers has skyrocketed, and so in the last three months she revisited the reality show idea with her dad,” the insider said.

As always, there’s no telling if there’s any truth to this rumor considering the source. We’re not saying Radar Online is unreliable — that wouldn’t be nice, after all — but sometimes their content is best approached with extreme skepticism. After all, there’s a chance Billy Ray simply isn’t interested in sharing his life with the world.

Do you think rumors about Miley Cyrus and her dad’s proposed reality series are true? Could Billy Ray Cyrus ultimately become the next Bruce Jenner?

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