Taylor Swift Hit With Worst Insult Yet By Miley Cyrus: Her ‘Frigid’ Ways ‘Bored’ Harry Styles ‘Out Of Bed’?

Taylor Swift was hit with the worst insult yet from Miley Cyrus. Their rumored, long-running feud often reported on contains grudges that have existed since 2008 when Miley was dumped by Nick Jonas and his brother, Joe Jonas, began dating Swift. Since then, the two superstar singers haven’t exactly been best friends.

According to a source speaking with OK! magazine, Hollywood Life reports that Cyrus allegedly calls Taylor “sexless,” “stuck up,” and “frigid.” The insider reveals:

“She thinks Taylor is stuck up and can’t deal with how prissy she is. Miley can’t stand girly girls. She’s telling everyone that Taylor is a ‘sexless, frigid ice princess’ who ‘bored’ Harry Styles out of bed.”

Word is, Miley doesn’t care if Swift knows how she feels. She’s “hoping it will circulate back to Taylor,” the insider claims. Is this a joke? Did the “Wrecking Ball” singer actually say this about Swift? Even Sugarscape finds it a bit hard to believe, writing that it’s “all kind of ridiculousness.”

Taylor Swift reportedly feels Miley Cyrus’ performance at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards, was “grotesque” and “disgusting.” This judgmental comment from her allegedly upset Miley; she sees it as a hypocritical stance on Taylor’s part. The OK! insider goes on to say:

“That’s one thing Miley can’t stand — women being bitchy to other women.”

Right now Miley is on the Bangerz Tour in Europe. There’s an assumption that it’s doubtful Cyrus has the time or interest in bashing Taylor Swift. Nothing is confirmed on any of this, however. Tabloids manage to get juicy stories on celebrities that make fans wonder how accurate they really are. Hopefully Miley didn’t say something like this about Taylor because to call her frigid and sexless is pretty low — plus, adding the One Direction singer to the insult.

Swift is at the top of entertainment headlines just about every single day. In fact, The Inquisitr has another article just out about Swift working out in regular clothes at the gym instead of exercise attire.

Anything about Taylor makes news. Everything from what she likes about her makeup to lawsuits to workout habits. The country star handles it all with ease and understands that with her stardom comes a significant level of press.

Do Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus truly have that much contempt for one another or do the pair just make for good tabloid fodder?

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