Woman Threatens Burger King Shooting Over Stale Food

Michael Dolce

Burger King is famous for it's now extinct slogan, "Have It Your Way." But for one South Carolina woman, that slogan could have easily been changed to "Have It Your Way...Or Else."

Andrea McCullough of Kingstree, South Carolina, was charged with assault and battery in connection with a May 13 incident at a Burger King in Mount Pleasant. According to a report by NBC affiliate WWFF.com, McCullough "said she was going to 'shoot everyone,'" at the Burger King over a stale cinnamon bun she ordered.

"Witnesses told police that three women were ahead of them in line when one of them began yelling at an employee that the cinnamon bun she was served was not fresh. The witness said the employee yelled back at the customer that there was only one left."
"The two continued yelling at each other, the witness said, until the restaurant manager sent the employee to the back of the restaurant. The women left the restaurant briefly, but the one who had complained returned minutes later and said she was going to "shoot everyone," according to the police report. The witness told police that after the woman, later identified as McCullough, made the threat one of the other women with her pulled her out of the store."

The charges laid out against McCullough are serious, including a misdemeanor that's punishable by up to three years in prison. The charges include violence or a threat of violence that could have resulted in serious injury.

As for Burger King, they're no stranger to bad publicity these days. Earlier today several news outlets, such as Masslive.com, were reporting a deadly midday shooting at a Burger King in Massachusetts. And on a lighter note, as reported by Inquisitr, Burger King recently changed their aforementioned slogan from "Have it Your Way" to "Be Your Way" with little fanfare and even less in the way of positive feedback.

According to a company press release, Burger King explained that the new motto is intended to remind people that "they can and should live how they want anytime. It's OK to not be perfect… Self-expression is most important and it's our differences that make us individuals instead of robots."

In the case of Andrea McCullough of South Carolina, her self-expression in the middle of Burger King went too far.

[Burger King photo courtesy of Romas_Photo / Shutterstock.com]