American Suicide Bomber Killed In Syria Identified, Was Active On Facebook

Two days ago, The Inquisitr reported about an American suicide bomber, then identified as Abu Hurayra al-Amriki, blowing himself up in Syria. This was the first documented case of an American citizen participating in a suicide bombing attack in Syria, the FBI had confirmed. Following investigations, the identity of the American citizen who had taken up an alias in Syria has been now revealed as Moner Mohammad Abusalha, The New York Times reports. Abusalha, who is believed to have grown up in Florida, had traveled to Syria late last year. His trip culminated in the deadly bombing in the province of Idlib, northern Syria.

According to officials, Abusalha had adopted the name Abu Huraira al-Amriki (Al Amriki translates to “the American”). He used a large truck loaded with explosives to carry out the bombing last Sunday, reportedly after attending a training camp organized by the militant organization Nusra Front in Aleppo.

Meanwhile, US Intelligence Agencies have asserted that the identity of the American citizen involved in the bombing was confirmed purely on the basis of intelligence reports and human sources on the ground in Syria. The US government apparently also interviewed family members and friends of the American suicide bomber to ascertain his identity. Investigations have also revealed that the dead American suicide bomber had a Facebook account. The account contains photos of a person who looks to be the same individual seen in the Jehadi pictures and videos. The body of the American suicide bomber was never recovered and was likely destroyed by the powerful explosion that covered several city blocks.

On Wednesday, a satellite group of al Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra, had released a photo of the American suicide bomber, then identified as al-Amriki along with three other jihadis.

They had also released a video that showed the truck driven by Abusalha being loaded with explosives. The video ends with the explosion itself in which the extremists claim Abusalha was killed on Sunday.

Meanwhile, a rebel fighter in Syria, Abu Abdulrahman, who claims to have met the American suicide bomber, recalls that Abusalha was an Arab-American who spoke broken Arabic and fluent English, and that he was dedicated to the jihadist cause. “He was a generous, brave, tough man, always on the front lines in battles. When his turn came up to carry out a suicide bombing, he was very happy, because he will meet his God after that,” Abdulrehman said.

[Image via Twitter]