Jimmy Fallon Wins Bet In Canadiens Vs Rangers Game

Earlier in the year, Jimmy Fallon wagered a Twitter war with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel which saw Fallon taking the “polar plunge” in Chicago. He made good of his word, and now it’s time for Fallon to see someone else eat their words.

The Tonight Show host made a very public bet on Twitter against the Montreal Canadiens’ mascot, Youppi. The bet took place before the Eastern Conference finals between the Habs and The Rangers. The terms were if The Rangers lost on the ice to the Habs, then Fallon would show up in a Montreal Canadiens’ jersey to do his opening monologue. If The Rangers won the game, Youppi the mascot would have to wear a Rangers jersey.

Fortunately for Jimmy Fallon, he didn’t have to walk around New York City with a Habs jersey on as the game ended with a 1-0 victory in favor of The Rangers for their game 6.

Here’s how the bet went down on Twitter:

Here’s the terms of service:

Here are those results of The Rangers’ win:

Looks like the Canadiens’ mascot is ready to wear The Rangers jersey on Sunday. To complete the bet, Youppi has to walk around in different locations and take ten photos. He then has to publish all of the photos to social media. We’re betting he takes his Rangers jersey photos to Twitter, where the bet all went down. Of course, the sweetest victory in this case is that of the New York Rangers:

[Image via Facebook]