Sex dolls, so lifelike you can get off and spark a murder investigation

Only in Japan. A 60 year-old man, who's wife a few years ago, had been having a relationship with his "girlfriend' for some time. Deciding that he would move into the home of one of his children he decided the girlfriend would have to go.

This is where it gets funny. He had developed quite an attachment to the lady so he decided that cutting her up and putting her in the garbage would be too cruel. So he decided to dump her corpse. In a remote wooded area. Tied and wrapped in a sleeping bag so her corpse would have some dignity.

Weeks later, a couple who was walking their dog, discovered the corpse and called the police immediately sparking a murder investigation. It wasn't until the forensic team arrived hours later and finally started to unwrap and investigate the corpse, that they discovered the corpse was actually a life size sex doll. A deluxe model at that.

Police furious that they had been made to look stupid and convinced that someone was playing a joke on them, vowed in the media to find the person responsible and charge them with interfering with a police investigation. A picture of the forensic team examining the dead sex doll is above.

After seeing the news story about his girlfriend, the old man immediately called the police to explain what happened.

Even though the old man apologized it is expected he may still may face fines for violating Japan’s waste management laws. Presumably they prohibit the dumping of old sex toys that looks like a real woman, in a remore wooded area. That will teach the kinky old guy to recycle.

Via Weird Asia News