This Senior ‘Prank It Forward’ Stunt Will Make You Cry

You’ve heard of senior pranks, and paying it forward, but one group of high school graduating seniors pranked it forward, creating a positive spin on what’s usually an event of mild to moderate vandalism and other naughtiness.

The prank it forward senior prank came out of Combs High School in San Tan Valley, Arizona. While last year’s Class of 2013 were involved in a food fight that resulted in some kids being banned from graduation, the 2014 seniors opted to do something completely different.

Over on YouTube, a video of the senior prank it forward stunt is nearing 80,000 views. And while it starts in an Olive Garden — prime target for some food tossing senior shenanigans — what happens next is totally adorable.

Kids these days, I tell ya.

The 2014 Combs High School seniors’ video “prank” is described in the clip’s “about” section:

“The Combs High School class of 2014 gives a waiter a $510 tip on behalf of their graduating class instead of participating in the stereotypical senior prank.”

A Fox affiliate got a bit more backstory on the sweet stunt, reporting that the kids didn’t just randomly tip any old waiter.

Instead, having somehow learned the one they chose had some unpaid medical bills, they specifically opted to help out the guy pictured.

Sarah Kendall, Class of ’14, explained to the news station that a nice “prank” actually felt better than a naughty one:

“Everybody is really proud of us, and it feels great.”

Classmate Hailey Wilt describes a bonding experience that was just as exciting as sneaking a more pranky prank:

“… to be able to do that was really awesome and really exciting to be able to do it together.”

The teens spent a week and a half raising the $510 tip they left the waiter — and positive prankster Eva Ribbons explains that the waiter was initially reluctant to accept the generous gratuity:

“He tried to give us the money back, he’s like ‘here… what are you doing?'”

Wilt says that while the man was moved, he was also stunned:

“It was amazing to see the look on his face when he was so filled with joy, and he wanted to cry, but didn’t want to cry because he’s a guy.”

Prank it forward conspirator Angelica Whinnery recalls:

“… as he opened it all the money was right there, and he was like, ‘um, here you you go’ and we were like, ‘no, Combs High School is presenting this prank it forward to you because you deserve it.'”

Aww… Awww!

After the seniors’ prank it forward stunt, it wasn’t just the waiter who was impressed — fellow diners clapped as they witnessed the kind gesture. Watch the clip above to see the waiter’s reaction!