What This Football Team Does For This Young Boy Will Warm Your Heart

The young boys on the Olivet, Michigan football team help to restore faith in humanity as they do something very special for a young boy named Keith.

In a gesture that will never get old, the actions of these boys will put a smile on your face as they setup the perfect goal-line play for Keith to rush into the end zone for his first ever touchdown.

According to CBS, Keith suffers from learning disabilities that cause him to struggle with boundaries in public. However, this proves not to be an issue with the Olivet football team that welcomes him with open arms.

“We thought it would be cool to do something for him,” one of the boys says.

“We really wanted to prove that he was part of our team and he meant a lot to us,” adds another.

Requiring the team to fall down on the goal line, the boys’ actions came as a surprise to everyone, including the coaching staff.

As the crowd expressed their discontent about the botched ostensibly play, they were quickly standing on their feet as Keith was rushing into the end zone before they knew it.

Keith’s own parents were almost unaware of what had just taken place, causing them to question what they just saw.

“It was like, ‘Did he just score a touchdown?'” Keith’s mom, Carrie, says remembering the moment.

This experience not only provided a special moment for Keith, but will most likely prove to be a life-changing event that will follow him forever.

“Somebody is always going to have his back — from now until the day he graduates,” Carrie says.