Teen With Down Syndrome Scores Inspirational Touchdown

Noah Van Vooren, an 18 year old senior at Wisconsin’s Little Chute High School who has down syndrome, got a special opportunity underneath the friday night lights during one of his high school’s football game. Van Vooren is an inspiration to the football team serving as one of the water boys. His teammates love having him around because he is such an encouragement to everyone.

But on this particular friday night, Noah Van Vooren’s teammates were inspired to do something for him. They gave him a jersey and told him to suit up. The whole school was excited about the evening. No one more so than Van Vooren. He told FOX News reporters that it was “pretty cool” and it was a “big night”. What this inspirational water boy didn’t know was that the night was about to get a whole lot bigger.

As the game was winding down in the 4th quarter, Van Vooren’s teammates and coaches called him out onto the field to play running back. Noah, wearing number 14, trotted out to the applause of the crowd. The quarterback took the snap and handed the ball off to Van Vooren. Having been around the football field for so many years, he knew exactly what to do.

With a little help from his teammates making the way and the opponents showing good sportsmanship by giving him room, Noah Van Vooren scored a touchdown. Or as he put it, “I made a touchdown!” Watch the whole story and see the teen with down syndrome score the inspirational touchdown.

Van Vooren’s parents were overwhelmed by the whole experience. “He was born 18 years ago, and the doctors told us that he would never be able to walk, talk or do anything,” his dad, Todd said. “To see him 18 years later, to do this … it’s amazing.” What a great reminder that even the small things in life like scoring a touchdown can mean so much to people.

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