Dancing Korean Baby Clip, Will It Be The Next Gangnam Style? [Video]

The cuter-than-cute clip you see above of the dancing Korean baby already has nearly three million views on YouTube and definitely falls into the viral category, no matter who you ask.

That’s not to say that it will reach the nearly 2 billion views that Gangnam Style, also a Korean export, has received.

But numbers aren’t everything and the cuteness factor, together with the “can’t help but chuckle to oneself” effect makes it even better, in its own way.

The dancing Korean baby clip lasts less than a minute (52 seconds to be precise) and that isn’t very long even by viral video standards, but it sure is watchable and will no doubt get millions more views.

The track playing in the background, in case you weren’t sure, is called I Got My Eye On You by the production group Nari & Milani, along with Cristian Marchi featuring vocals from Luciana.

But regardless of the background music, the star of the show was clearly the dancing Korean baby who has some seriously funky moves. Her brother, on the other hand, clearly has “other” talents than dancing as he sort of just stood there, a bit lemonlike, in amazement at his sisters moves.

As you would expect the majority of the comments, and there are a bunch, focus on the “cute” and “how adorable” theme, while other comments are a little more substantial.

One YouTube commenter, Erlisa Wong, noted that a “new dance style has [been] born.”

Lisa Eckman wrote: “That is so cute! I like how she taps her brother on the shoulder and is like … ‘come on brother dance with me.'”

Among some of the fans who watched and shared the dancing Korean baby clip, the band Aerosmith, who are currently touring in Russia, liked the clip on their official YouTube channel.

But what do you think of the clip? Does it have the potential to reach two billion views? Share your comments on the matter, if you wish, in the feed below.