Jennifer Lopez Cheated On Marc Anthony [Rumor Mill]

On Friday we reported that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are getting a divorce and now rumors have begun circulating that the split was initiated after J. Lo began cheating on her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Celebrity site Bossip says that “word on the Latino streets” is that she was having an affair with telenovela star William Levy who also starred in her music video “I’m Into You” which features some steamy embraces between the pair. The column also notes that Levy also recently left his wife, although it’s believed he cheated on his wife with at least three dozen women which may make the Lopez association nothing more than bad timing.

While the couple may be going their separate ways they are still working on the American Idol Latin America spin-off titled Q’Viva: The Chosen which was created by American Idol creator Simon Fuller.

There’s the chance Anthony also knew about the affair Lopez is alleged to have had, sources say he was flirting with female audience members at a Colombia concert on Saturday night which seems like a guy who may be trying to get back at the lady he’s divorcing.

The couple’s reps are not commenting on the divorce and the circumstances surrounding it and at this time it’s all a bunch of rumors but when it comes to Hollywood stars nothing really surprises us anymore.