High School Photoshops Yearbook Photos To Make Them Look ‘Less Sexy’; Students Outraged

Students from a high school in Utah are protesting their school’s decision to photoshop their yearbook pictures to make them appear less revealing. Some students who found the photoshopping incident offensive believed that the alteration of the photos was uncalled for.

According to MyFox8, students of Wasatch High School in Utah were outraged to discover that the school altered some yearbook photos to make them appear more conservative. Yearbook designers covered up portions of some female students’ photos so that they would reveal less skin. Students claimed that they were not consulted about the redesign of their yearbook photos.


What also angered the students of the high school was the seemingly indiscriminate manner by which the school chose which pictures to photoshop. According to some students, other pictures which were as equally revealing were not altered. One student even claimed that although two female students wore the same tank top for the yearbook photoshoot, only one of the pictures got censored.

Administrators from the school said that the students were warned about the dress code for the yearbook and that a warning had been issued regarding proper attire. According to school officials, students were told that they risked having their images photoshopped if they did not adhere to the dress code of the school yearbook.


Daily Mail listed the clothing items allegedly disallowed by the school for the yearbook, which includes “revealing shorts, skirts, dresses, tank shirts, halter or crop tops, spaghetti straps, etc.”

High school officials only admitted error for not applying the rule to all students included in the yearbook. In an official statement, superintendent Terry E. Shoemaker of the Wasatch County School District said:

“We only apologize in the sense that we want to be more consistent with what we’re trying to do in that sense we can help kids better prepare for their future by knowing how to dress appropriately for things,”.

Yearbook controversies have been gaining media attention in the past weeks. Earlier this month, Inquisitr reported about Mesa High School’s yearbook in Arizona,which underwent stark criticism for featuring and glorifying teen mothers. School officials were accused by angry parents and irate citizens of condoning teenage pregnancy. Mesa Public Schools officials denied that they encouraged teen pregnancy but supported the idea of free speech, which was reportedly the principle behind featuring the teenage parents.

What do you think? Did the high school yearbook designers go too far when they photoshopped pictures they deemed too revealing?

[Images from Fox 8]