Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Birthday Celebrations Were Weirdly Complicated With The Man Himself Missing

Recently, Toronto’s current mayor Rob Ford celebrated his 45th birthday. However, there were multiple complexities that are a little hard to explain.

Incidentally, Mayor Rob Ford’s birthday coincides with mayoral candidate John Tory’s. Interestingly, both had a wildly varying idea of how to treat guests and manage their own campaign for the upcoming elections.

Mayoral candidate John Tory’s birthday bash had a slick campaign sign at the front door of the fancy Novotel at Yonge and Sheppard, while Rob Ford had a birthday greeting written in marker on a bed-sheet hanging in front of the Wexford strip mall in the heart of Scarborough.

Mayor Ford’s party had an ongoing sale of Ford bobble-heads and T-shirts and the crowd was quite sparse, whereas John Tory’s hosted 300 people. Ironically, despite being free, Rob Ford’s event had just about 30-50 people, while Tory’s party hosted more than 300 people and all of them had to pay $10 as an entry fee.

John Tory’s birthday party was attended by four city councilors, a former Liberal government cabinet minister and prominent business partners, whereas Rob’s party mostly had campaign volunteers.

Tory’s 60th birthday had a five-star feel to it, but with the energy and fun of a Ford Nation party — complete with fantastic singer Charlie Suede and Sonic Tonic belting out the tunes. Rob Ford’s party had an upbeat vibe, as reported by the Toronto Sun.

Despite the clearly unappealing feel of Rob Ford’s birthday bash, local news channels have him pegged to be one of the strongest candidates for reelection. But to top it all, while John was busy greeting his distinguished guests, Rob Ford was nowhere to be found at his own party! It was quite bizarre to be at a birthday party for a mayoral candidate, but not have him there to blow out the candles.

The reason for Rob’s absence was embarrassingly simple. Rob Ford had been at a rehabilitation clinic. Rob is a self-admitted crack user and also has an alcohol addiction. Though there were rumors that Rob would make a virtual appearance via Skype directly from the GreeneStone rehab center in Ontario’s Muskoka region, it did not happen.

It is most intriguing that the birthday boy was actually celebrating his birthday party with just his two daughters and two unknown women at the Crabby Joe’s Tap & Grill, reported CBC News. Although he drank only diet soda, patrons reported him to be ‘in good spirits.’


Rob Ford’s brother, Doug Ford, had once told the media, “Make no mistake, if there’s one thing I learned about Rob Ford, [it’s] never count Rob Ford out of a race.” Of course, with Rob Ford, anything is possible.

[Image Credit | No More Cocktails]