Emma Heming-Willis Shows Off Beautiful New Pictures Of Baby Evelyn

Emma Heming-Willis, wife of action star Bruce Willis, has started to share photographs of the newest addition to the family, baby Evelyn. The two pictures we have seen so far have been released on Ms. Heming’s own social media accounts, and they are just as adorable as anyone could expect.

The first photo, a grainy but intimate portrait of the new mother Emma breastfeeding, was posted to Facebook on Saturday. In it we can see the joy in Ms. Heming-Willis’s expression, but unfortunately, we can only see the back of baby Evelyn’s head! The photo is captioned “Breakfast of Champions. Photo cred: B Willis,” indicating that the picture of Ms. Heming and her daughter was taken by the 59-year-old action star and father of five.

E! Online reported on that picture on Sunday, commenting that celebrity mom Emma, 35, has grown quite comfortable with breastfeeding and calling attention to a tweet Heming posted on May 17.

The breastfeeding photo was followed on Tuesday by a picture of baby Evelyn playing with her sister (and Heming and Willis’ other daughter) Mabel Ray. That photo was shared via Emma’s Instagram account and captioned, “The start of a beautiful friendship.” It was our first full-face glimpse of the newest member of the Heming-Willis family, but judging by Ms. Heming’s active social media presence, it will hardly be the last.

Prior to revealing the photos of baby Evelyn, Emma also released a couple of tweets on the subject of raising two young children, including “A shower And I brushed my teeth! Now that’s twitter news worthy, right? Trying to figure this thing out!” on May 9, and “My husband is still the man of the house! Thank you for all the well wishes. We are all doing wonderfully ” on May 8.

During a conversation with People in which Bruce Willis welcomed his new daughter to the family, he said, “In general, I think women should be in charge of everything. They should be running the country.” He went on to say, “Even if I had five boys, I’d still feel the same way.”

The star did indicate, later in that same conversation, that he would not be averse to having a son, indicating that perhaps baby Evelyn will not be the last addition to the Heming-Willis family. So far, Emma Heming has not said anything about the topic, which shouldn’t be too surprising, considering the timing.

Photo: Emma Heming and Bruce Willis at the 2011 Golden Globes. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press