WARNING: Bruce Willis' New Baby Girl Revealed In Photos Is Too Adorable


On May 5, Bruce Willis and his wife, Emma, welcomed their newest baby girl Evelyn into the family. Willis and Emma already have a two-year-old daughter Mabel. Celebrities can be very particular about what pictures of their children are revealed in pubic. Bruce Willis and his wife have only shared a couple up to this point.

Today, the Willis' posted a picture of Baby Evelyn and her older sister, Mabel, in a moment of bonding. Mabel is cradling her baby sister's head in her arms as Evelyn lovingly looks up at Mabel. The caption states, "The start of a beautiful friendship." as reported by ABC News.

Bruce Willis has had plenty of practice and experience in raising girls. Evelyn is actually Willis' fifth daughter. Bruce had three daughters with Demi Moore in his previous marriage per Yahoo.com. Willis' daughters with Demi are Tallulah, 20, Scout, 22, and Rumer, 25.

Hopefully more Baby Girl Willis pictures will follow. She is too cute. Congratulations to Bruce and Emma Willis.

Photo Credit: Bruce and Emma Willis/Instagram.com