Kate Middleton Attacked Down Under As Australian Media Ridicule Her ‘Modesty’

Poor Kate Middleton. First the Duchess of Cambridge has to suffer the indignity of having a picture of her naked bottom posted online by a German magazine, and then, just as the dust is settling and the situation becomes somewhat bearable, Kate’s bare buttocks are exposed by an Australian newspaper.

To add insult to injury, The Sydney Daily Telegraph doesn’t just feel it necessary to publish a shot of Kate Middleton’s vulnerable rear end, the scandal hungry hacks appear to delight in attacking Kate just for the sheer fun of it.

On the subject of Kate Middleton’s bottom, The Telegraph‘s Annette Sharp dully inquires (see what we did there?): “Why should the media stick to an antiquated code of etiquette when Kate doesn’t bother to protect her own modesty?”

Why indeed? One could also ponder on why in a world gone so badly wrong, does the media feel the need to give such prominence to gratuitous pictures of Kate Middleton’s bare bottom? What lessons are to be learned from diligently stalking the royal backside, one wonders? What elusive answers to hitherto problematic questions can be found in a part of Kate’s anatomy to which the world and its wife should never have been privy?

In her piece in the Daily Telegraph, the somewhat vicious Sharp snarls: “Why should the media be responsible for turning a blind eye when the royals such as Kate Middleton aren’t always vigilant about keeping themselves nice? If Kate can’t be bothered protecting herself by having hem weights sewn into her garments, why should the media protect Kate? It was only going to be a matter of time before the world glimpsed the buckshot.”

Of course, if exposing Kate Middleton’s failure to sew hem weights into her garments and publishing the resulting pictures of Kate’s bare bottom is high on the agenda of what a good newspaper should strive for, then the Daily Telegraph wins hands down.

Yet even the most tabloid of tabloids know that this isn’t the case. Pictures of Kate Middleton’s bare bottom are good for circulation and website hits. It’s this reason alone that certain media outlets are choosing to publish pictures of Kate’s bottom and be ‘damned’.

Let’s not dress up pictures of Kate’s naked buttocks as a fight against censorship or some sort of noble crusade against the “tyranny” and “elitism” of the British Royal family, which Kate Middleton represents.

The exposure of Duchess Kate’s Royal Rump isn’t the result of her going full-Britney and carelessly throwing her goods out there for the world to see. It’s what happens when paparazzi parasites pry their way into the privy of a private person and are rewarded with royalties by repulsive rags like the Telegraph for their ill-gotten gains. This regal rear end was not freely offered, it was stolen. Publishing pictures of Kate Middleton’s bottom not only cheapen Kate, it cheapens the media outlet responsible for them, and above all else, it cheapens the general public.

Because if the media believes you’ve nothing more interesting to do with your life than to search the internet for pictures of Kate Middleton’s bare behind, what does that say about how they perceive you?