Kaylen Woodard, Age 6, Saves 10-Year-Old Neighbor From Would-Be Abductor In Superhero Style

Kaylen Woodard is only six years old, but this pint-sized superhero certainly showed Captain America a thing or two about what bravery really means. If it wasn’t for Kaylen’s courageous and daring actions last Thursday, his 10-year-old next door neighbor might have met an unthinkable fate.

Kaylen and neighbor Marcy Jones were playing after school on Thursday in their South Side Chicago neighborhood. Kaylen is allowed to ride his bike only to the corner of his street and back. Marcy was riding her scooter on the sidewalk, when out of nowhere, a car pulled up and a man neither of them had ever seen before jumped out.

Police now describe the man as white or Hispanic, between 18 and 20 years old with short black hair and light skin. They are still looking for him. But they might be looking for Marcy, too, if not for Kaylen Woodard and his flying feet.

The strange man grabbed Marcy and covered her mouth with his hand, trying to pull her into his car. But rather than stand and watch in horror or run away himself, Kaylen did something about it — and the man let Marcy go, then fled.

“He tried to hold her mouth,” Kaylen told a St. Louis TV station, KMOV. “The only way she got away is because I kicked him in the back of the leg and the outside of his leg.”

Marcy’s mother, Tracey Edwards, looked out the window to check on the kids — and she saw her daughter running toward the house in a panic.

“She was running with the scooter in her hand. She came in the house and she was panting. And she was explaining that a man had grabbed her,” said Edwards.

The mom dashed outside looking for the would-be kidnapper, but he was long gone already. Together with her neighbor, Diana Blakely, mom of Kaylen Woodard, they reported the attempted child abduction to Chicago police.

“I can’t stop talking about him,” said Blakely. “I’m still in a state of shock. Still, by him being so young and he did that for a friend. That’s amazing.”

Marcy and her mom will never forget what Kaylen Woodard did for them — knowing that the kidnapper might have tried to take him, too. Or worse. But Kaylen showed no fear.

“We call him our little hero. We are blessed that he was there,” said Edwards.

The would-be-abductor who was kicked away by Kaylen Woodard was last seen driving a white convertible with red seats.

[Image Via ABC7 Chicago]