Analysis: Justin Bieber Accused Of ‘Pushing’ Girl In Cannes Nightclub

Justin Bieber is accused of “pushing” a girl in a Cannes nightclub during an alleged brawl. Did that happen? Or is this a case of ‘He said / She said’ and a scuffle with unintended casualties?

For the last few months Justin Bieber has seemingly been turning his life around from risky behavior and missteps for a healthier, more positive lifestyle.

Now, pictures have surfaced that appear to show the 20-year-old involved or caught up in a scuffle at Gotha nightclub in Cannes, France, during the recent film festival.

So far, reported facts conflict. At least two media outlets claim Bieber was “punched” by one of his pals “for aggressively shoving a female.”

The alleged “punching” detail isn’t mentioned in the majority of media reports, and an alleged eyewitness claiming Bieber “pushed” a girl is unverified.

However, images from the nightclub do show a shirtless Bieber being restrained by one of his bodyguards apparently in reaction to some kind of incident.

EXCLUSIVE: #JustinBieber involved in ‘nightclub brawl after pushing girl over’ #Belieber — Irish Sun (@IrishSunOnline) May 28, 2014

Speaking to The Irish Sun, an eyewitness purportedly said: “Justin was partying on his table being very arrogant with his top off.”

“A girl near him tried to climb over the sofa to talk to one of his male friends and he pushed the girl back and she fell on the sofa,” the witness allegedly added.

It’s claimed a fight then erupted between Bieber and his friend.

The eyewitness allegedly recalled: “He started antagonizing the male friend, there was lots of pushing and scuffling and he ended up falling over the ice bucket and it all crashed down.”

It’s claimed the lights were blacked out in the Cannes nightclub while Bieber’s bodyguards pulled the singer out of the vicinity, before he allegedly returned a little later to sit at another table.

A Shirtless Justin Bieber Being Held Back By One Of His Bodyguards In Cannes Nightclub

(Photo: Bieber is seen being restrained by one bodyguard in the Cannes nightclub.)

Are there problems with these quotes?

The Sun is a daily tabloid newspaper which publishes national editions in London, Dublin and Glasgow. It has a questionable history over accuracy and ethics.

The eyewitness quoted appears hostile to Bieber which could suggest reduced objectivity.

In addition, the likelihood that one of Bieber’s friends “punched” him is highly dubious — if not fantastical.

From photos, Bieber appears to be looking at someone who is either attacking him or trying to. It also looks like the attempt was ferocious.

Whether the alleged attack was over a girl being “shoved” or “pushed” by the singer is based on hearsay and – as yet – there are no pictures to evidence that claim.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: Bieber is accused of pushing a girl onto a sofa in Gotha Club Cannes.)

Mail Online wrote, “He [Bieber] appears to be shouting at another clubgoer.”

Other outlets have assumed more, and claimed the allegedly “pushed” or “shoved” girl was a “fan” rather than simply a clubgoer.

Most reference the Irish Sun, which means no other outlets have first-hand information and any opinions are based on unverified sources and back shot photographs.

Given that a recent attempted robbery claim against Bieber came from an accuser who then became questionable after an eyewitness countered the allegation, hasty interpretations in media reports are unwise.

Until CCTV security footage from the Gotha nightclub, verified witnesses, or the alleged girl corroborates with evidence that she was intentionally “pushed” or “shoved” by Bieber, firm conclusions are not possible. Either way.

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Justin Bieber

(Photo: Bieber appears to be facing an attacker in the nightclub.)

[Images via Mail Online/VantageNews.]