Ed Sheeran Debuts New Song “Thinking Out Loud”

Singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran has been taking the music world by storm with his tender, romantic lyrics and his beautiful melodies. Ed’s song, “All Of The Stars,” exploded across the internet and made it onto the soundtrack of The Fault In Our Stars film. Now, Sheeran’s got a new single up his sleeve. It’s called “Thinking Out Loud,” and he performed it for the first time on Later with Jools Holland on BBC2.

According to Just Jared Jr., Sheeran’s new song is off his upcoming album x, which will be available in stores June 23.

You can see the performance in the video below, featuring Sheeran on guitar and the host of the show, Jools, playing piano:

As Idolator reported, Ed Sheeran performs with the same vulnerability found in his lyrics, seeming to sing as if he was alone in his world. Ed’s vocal performance on Jools was also remarkably well-tuned for a live rendition without any studio effects.

The track is a laid-back love ballad with a gentle rock beat and romantic lyrics: “Maybe it’s all part of a plan / Or me I fall in love with you every single day / And I just wanna tell you right now / So honey now / Take me into your loving arms.” Many fans have been speculating about love songs like “Thinking Out Loud,” and who Sheeran could be singing about, but Ed never drops more than a few vague hints.

“Thinking Out Loud” will fit nicely among the other sentimental songs on the album that have been released so far, like “All Of The Stars.” Idolator refers to the new track as a sort of “happier ending,” but it’s actually the second to last song on the album. Fans will have to wait to hear the LP’s final closing number.

In an interview with New Zealand’s 3 News, Ed talked about the new song, “It’s the last song I wrote for the album, but it’s the one I’d pinned as the ‘walking down the aisle’ song.” Ed Sheeran admitted via Twitter that “Thinking Out Loud” is his favorite song on his new album, right before performing it for the first time on television.

Playing a brand new never before heard song on jools tonight in 30 minutes on BBC2. It’s my favourite track on the album x

— Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) May 23, 2014

album is out in 1 month as well. its getting real

— Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) May 25, 2014