French Mayor Castrated In Alleged Love Triangle

The mayor of a small village in France was castrated and then murdered in a possible fit of jealousy.

Dominque Leboucher, 55, was elected mayor of Bretteville-le-Rabet in the Normandy area in March after serving as council member for about 13 years. The town in northern France has only about 250 residents.

A 39-year-old electrician with no prior criminal record allegedly stabbed the mayor in the neck and then castrated him because he thought the mayor was having an affair with his wife. The electrician then reportedly left the scene and committed suicide.

Villagers are reported to be stunned about the murder that occurred sometime on Thursday evening at the mayor’s home near town hall. Authorities reportedly found his mutilated body lying in a pool of blood.

About the circumstances leading up to the murder, a local official said that “I do not believe this thing about infidelity at all,” and deemed the attack “an act of madness.”

Another council member claimed that the electrician had “blown a fuse” in that “the alleged murderer had been angered by the fact that his wife had been attending political meetings in the evenings, after being elected to the town council in recent elections.”

The electrician and his girlfriend had two daughters together.

A prosecutor suggested that the alleged attacker was very much in love with his girlfriend and that “the mayor’s wife did not believe that her husband was involved in an extramarital affair.”

Police have an investigation underway into the mayor’s murder and the motivations that may have led up to it, including the possibility of an extramarital affair.

Leboucher’s campaign slogan was “For a happy village to live in, where everybody feels good.”

According to one villager who praised the late mayor, “Leboucher was a lovely, friendly man who was massively popular with everybody. Everybody in the village is in a state of shock.”