Killing Of 3 Daughters: Carol Coronado Had ‘Demon Inside Her,’ Godfather Says

Carol Coronado is allegedly responsible for the killing of her 3 daughters in Torrance, California Tuesday. Her daughters were Sophia, 2 1/2, Yazmine, 1, and 2-month-old Xena, New York Daily News reports.. Their godfather, John Carrion, said a demon was inside Coronado the day that the girls died. He tells the Los Angeles Times:

“Pray for that woman. She had a demon inside her that day.”

Carrion says the father of the 3 daughters is too overcome with grief to talk with anyone right now. He was across the street working on a car at the time of the killings. John Carrion shares that Rudy is “dazed and confused.” The godfather goes on to say:

“Right now, he’s giving her the benefit of doubt. He just said he didn’t believe he saw Carol — he saw a demon inside her. He said he doesn’t blame Carol. He blames the … demon.”

Carol’s mother recalls her acting strange earlier that day and dropped by the house. An urgent call was put through to police when she saw her acting crazy and apparently threatened to kill her, too.

By the time police arrived, Carol Coronado was near the bed where her 3 daughters were arranged on it in a pool of blood. Carol was covered in blood herself and had self-inflicted stab wounds. Knives and a hammer were at the crime scene near the bodies. Authorities arrested the 30-year-old mom for the slayings and took her to the hospital for treatment. When she’s released from the hospital, police will officially book her on suspicion of murder and attempted murder charges. She could also face the death penalty.

A cause of death hasn’t been revealed for 3 daughters, but stab wounds were present on the bodies. Police are investigating the case, trying to pinpoint a motive behind Coronado’s alleged killing spree involving her own children. Her mental health is a mystery and some are blaming post partum depression after the birth of her youngest child.

Carrion says he never saw Carol upset or angry:

“I don’t know how I feel about the woman right now. I don’t understand what was going on in that woman’s head.”

Neighbors are giving their account of what they witnessed after police arrived on the scene. One of the main stories surrounding the horror is Carol Coronado being taken into police custody with blood on her and a blanket over her head. A prior Inquisitr article detailed some witness accounts. The killing of this woman’s 3 daughters is downright shocking to the community.

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