Carol Coronado: Mother Allegedly Stabs Three Daughters To Death

Carol Coronado, a 30-year-old mother from Torrance, California, was arrested Tuesday on charges of stabbing her three daughters to death, ABC7 reports.

Police were called to Coronado’s house after Carol made a frantic call to her mother shortly before the stabbing, claiming that she was “going crazy”. All three of Carol’s children, ages 3, 2, and 2 months were found dead on the bed while Coronado was arrested naked and covered in her children’s blood.

It was not clarified by authorities whether drugs or mental illness were factors in the horrible crime.

Neighbors spoke to the press about the terrible crime in the Coronado house.

Bryan Gonzales, one of Carol Coronado’s neighbors, said:

“I hear that the mom stabbed three of her kids. It’s pretty tragic and pretty brutal.”

Carol Coronado’s husband was at the house during the day of the crime, although neighbors confirmed that he stepped outside the house moments before Carol reportedly stabbed her children to death. Her husband has not made a statement yet regarding the murder of his daughters.

Daily Mail discovered Carol Coronado’s Facebook, where she appeared to be a typical mother who showcased her daughters on her feed. On her Facebook were dozens of pictures of Coronado spending time with her daughters. A notable photo on Coronado’s Facebook was her cover picture – an edited photo of her two older children and her youngest child’s ultrasound image.

There are currently no reports regarding the possible motives of the murder.

Netizens were outraged by the horrible crime. Some theorized that post-partum depression may have played a part in the gruesome murders. Janine Beck wrote on KTLA’s Facebook page:

“Postpartum depression is real. Please be aware that it CAN lead to psychosis. Please educate yourself so that you can help yourself or someone you know prevent these kind of tragedies.”

Another reader, Marlene Segura, supported the hypothesis:

“Has it occurred to anyone that she could have gone thru postpartum depression…. it is a possibility. This does not justify the murder of three beautiful angels, but postpartum depression does happen and we need to educate ourselves to help when needed.”

Howeve, others were skeptical of PPD as a possible angle to the murders. Reader Rena de la Hoya wrote:

“QUIT with the postpartum excuse. She knew what she was doing when she opened her legs and didn’t protect herself. This sorry excuse of a human needs to be stabbed like she did to those precious angels. This is sickening and I hope she gets what more then than what she deserves in prison!! May those beautiful baby girls rest in peace in the arms of God.”

Carol Coronado was taken to the local hospital for medical evaluation and is currently in jail facing three counts of murder.

[Images from Carol Coronado’s Facebook]

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