Gun-Free Restaurant Robbed At Gunpoint

Signs don’t matter?

A North Carolina barbecue restaurant reportedly with a sign hanging in the front window that said “no weapons, no concealed firearms” was robbed by three armed men.

The three suspects who brandished pistols and were wearing hoodies came in through the back door of The Pit restaurant in Durham on Sunday night at about 9 pm and told workers to lie on the floor. According to the owner, “While our employees cleared out the guests, in the back the robbers were working with a manager to get into the safe. They were able to leave with a small cash box.” There were about 20 diners in the restaurant at the time who were ushered outside by staff.

The thiefs assaulted two employees, however, but fortunately neither were seriously harmed, although one was checked out at a local hospital and released.

The owner has offered a $2,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the suspects.

The gun-free restaurant in question reportedly hosted a Gabriel Giffords gun control event last year.

Commenting on the N.C. restaurant robbery, the Guns ‘N’ Freedom website declared that “This should be a clear reminder that criminals don’t obey gun laws and they don’t obey signs on windows that say that can’t bring their guns inside. These signs only stop law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves and make the establishment a bigger target for crooks. After all, why pick a target where people can shoot back at you?”

On The Pit’s Facebook page, one poster wrote that “No guns??? How did that work out when 3 guys robbed you.” Another wrote “I see where the robbers came in the back. Did you not put a No Firearms sign on the back door? Must not have cause surely they wouldn’t have brought in guns if you had…”

Some eateries around the country have enacted no-gun or gun-free policies. As The Inquisitr recently reported for example, the Chipolte restaurant chain recently established a no-gun policy although that apparently was the result of some customers in Texas — which has an open-carry law — displaying assault weapons inside the restaurant rather than just carrying handguns in a concealed manner.

Do you have an opinion about the efficacy of gun-free zones?