California Youngster Wears Sandwich Board Around Town To Save His Mom’s Life!

If you are a resident of Vacaville, California, watch out for a young man wearing a sandwich board sporting some unusual graffiti. Unlike usual sandwich boards which might be advertising a store or pitching a new product, 22-year-old Geoffrey Dinoso is carrying the sandwich board around his neck for a much nobler cause. He is attempting to save his mother’s life.

According to KCRA 3, Geoffrey’s mother Maria was diagnosed with renal failure two years ago. While Maria attempts to get on with her life as normally as possible, it is inevitable that she undergoes dialysis on periodic occasions. The problem is, the more the number of times Maria is subjected to dialysis, the more it is harming her. It is critical that she receives a new kidney from a kind donor. And Geoffrey is looking precisely for that donor using his sandwich board.

He hangs around the busy streets of Vacaville with the sandwich board in the hope that a good samaritan out there somewhere would come to his help after learning his story. The board reads in big black bold letters, “Mom Needs Kidney” — also provided is his phone number for people who would want to help him. He is not asking for money or any other kind of help. All he needs is a matching kidney for his mother.

According to Yahoo, who spoke to the sandwich board toting young man, Dinoso is a full-time student who is aspiring to be an X-Ray technician. He requires the job so that he can support his mother financially for the expensive medical expenses that her condition brings along.

Geoffrey also candidly revealed that the idea of sporting a sandwich board around his neck was inspired by the actions of a South Carolina man who did something similar for his ailing wife. After hearing about that story, Dinoso wondered why not try this as well?

The decision to wear that sandwich board around town has certainly helped Geoffrey. He said that he has so far received “tons of texts and phone calls” asking him how they could be of help. Most of the people have a simple query: They want to know how to find out if one of their kidneys would be compatible with Maria. They also ask him about the requirements that need to be taken care of before the procedure. He politely asks them to contact the University of California at Davis Transplant Center to inquire about all such queries.

In case you wish to help this young man out and save his mother’s life, and not to mention get that sandwich board off his body, you might want to contact Geoffrey Dinoso via text at 707-439-1024.

[Image via KCRA 3 Video]