Cassandre Fiering: Teacher Consults 4th Grade Class For Dating Advice With Predictable Results

Cassandre Fiering is a New York actress who, like most New York actresses, has a day job. In Fiering’s case, she was a substitute teacher. But she lost that gig after she decided to talk to her young students at New York’s P.S. 189 about her complicated love life.

Seems that the 45-year-old, who can be seen below in a local commercial for a home heating oil company, was dating two men at the same time last year. On June 13, 2013, the issue of which one was the keeper and which one she should kick to the curb was on her mind. So she naturally sought out the people most qualified to render an opinion on adult relationships: Fourth graders.

Apparently, some of the students told officials at the school that they had helped Cassandre Fiering sort out her romantic conundrum.

Cassandre Fiering as “June” in the 2008 film Twelve.

The scenario involved role playing exercises in which Fiering played each boyfriend and the students acted the part of, well, Cassadre Fiering. But after the school bigwigs heard about this, they opened an investigation.

According to a report by the investigator, obtained by the New York news site DNAinfo, Fiering told the class, which consisted of just five kids, that the younger of the two boyfriends, a mechanic, had failed to return her phone calls. That led the fourth graders to urge her to dump that one.

Cassandre Fiering also told the children that they should cover the mechanic’s house in toilet paper. Presumably, that was a joke because the fourth graders lived in New York City and the miscreant boyfriend lived in Rhode Island, where Fiering spends part of her time.

The report also said that Cassandre Fiering touched one of the kids on the shoulder, hugged another and touched two others on the thigh.

The actress-teacher adamantly denies that she touched any of the children in any inappropriate fashion.

“They made it seem like I was this gross person fondling all the children,” she told DNAinfo.

She stressed that even her conversation with the children was “G-rated.”

“I certainly wasn’t talking about sex or anything,” she said.

She says that she regrets bringing up her personal life with the kids, saying “I crossed the line I shouldn’t have,” but doesn’t believe she did anything to warrant her firing.

“Considering everything else, why couldn’t they say, ‘Be careful about that?'” she said.

Cassandre Fiering plans to appeal her firing. She also says she has since dumped not just one of the boyfriends, but both of them.

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