‘Watch Dogs’ World Map Leaks Online, Looks Bigger Than ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’

Watch Dogs assets have been leaking all week, leading up to the game’s release next week. First, there was the gameplay video that gave all potential Watch Dogs fans a chance to see exactly what they could do once they got their hands on a copy.

Now, one Redditor has pieced together the in game map for Watch Dogs in order to get the size of the entire world. As is to be expected with games the like of Watch Dogs, the map is decent sized but it isn’t quite as big as some might have hoped.

The map size for Watch Dogs is bigger than the one for Grand Theft Auto IV according to Gameranx, but it is still dwarfed by the landscape laid out in Grand Theft Auto V.

Watch Dogs

One of the reasons the map size for Watch Dogs is so important is because the game’s developers have already made quite a big deal out of the dynamic gameplay. The Redditor in question, dontyourdare411, actually put together the digital map of Watch Dogs by grabbing screenshots from different trailers.

For their part, Ubisoft said there are reasons why the Watch Dogs world map is the size that it is. The company said it wants the Chicago of this title to actually feel like the very compact city Chicago is in the real world. This isn’t like in the Grand Theft Auto series where people are crawling all over the state of California.

As Gameranx does point out, the world of GTA5 had quite a bit of unsettled wilderness and some of its world seemed a lot more “unrealized” than previous versions and even Red Dead Redemption. Watch Dogs developers have apparently attempted to make sure people who run around the virtual Chicago indeed feel as though they are in the Windy City.

Watch Dogs

It stands to reason that operating on the more limited scale of this game, while still having a rather impressive map size, will make the game that much more fun. Ubisoft is clearly looking for as many people as possible to enjoy dashing around a true-to-life version of Chicago, considering it’s being released on just about every platform you can imagine.

Watch Dogs is hitting store shelves and digital download on May 27 and will be available for the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3. The Wii U version of Watch Dogs is due out later this summer.