Man Shoots Brother In Face, Brother Spits Out Bullet

A heated dispute between two brothers turned violent this week, with one brother eventually shooting the other. What police say happened next, though, sounds like something out of an action flick.

It's the sort of intra-familial animosity rarely seen outside of the Lannisters, but this sibling violence happened in real life. Police in Chesterfield, Virginia say that the shooting occurred Sunday evening after one man, 26, went to visit his 23-year-old brother. The two siblings have apparently been at odds for a while, according to The Raw Story, so the older brother brought his gun along. Naturally.

It's not exactly clear what the brothers began arguing about, but reportedly the little brother drew steel first. Neighbors say that shots soon rang out.

"I was in my den," neighbor Nancy Reynolds told a local news station. "I heard gunshots everywhere. We saw the ambulance, and the man being brought out of a stretcher."

Another neighbor, Angel Fuller, was apparently unable to discern the difference between doors slamming and guns firing.

"The yelling, the arguing, door slamming... sounded like punching of walls," Fuller said. "I don't know what it was... just loud banging of noises."

That loud banging, it turns out, was an exchange of gunfire between the two brothers. The younger brother shot first, and his older sibling responded by shooting his brother in the neck and face.

Did we mention this all went down in a mobile home park?

The older brother then called 911 and waited for emergency crews to arrive. The younger brother was taken to the hospital by EMTs, who report that he coughed up a bullet that had passed through his nose. Coughed up the bullet and spat it out.

We'd like to imagine the scene went a bit like this.

Not really, but Bruce Leroy in The Last Dragon was the first thing we thought of when we heard about the shooting. Otherwise, we're kind of at a loss to explain something like this. Coughing up the bullet while talking to police?

Again: motor home. Chesterfield, Virginia.

It's unclear what sort of antipathy would lead one man not only to pop into his brother's house packing heat, but to pop off a few caps at his sibling as well, but the older sibling apparently is not yet facing charges.