British Department Store Sets Beauty Standard For Its Models, And The Images Are Inspiring [PHOTOS]

Diversity In Fashion

British high-street department store Debenhams is setting an incredible standard for those in the fashion and modeling industry as their idea of beauty in fashion offers a refreshing and inspiring take.

Debenhams proudly features “an amputee, three models over 40 (including one nearing 70), a paralympian athlete and not forgetting our swimwear shot with a size 18 model to celebrate curvelicious women,” as they seek to advertise their products.

As previously mentioned on Inquisitr, the department store that is looking to ban airbrushing feels that they have a moral obligation to customers to provide a realistic image.

“Here at Debenhams we believe that anyone can look fabulous in our range – which is why we’ve decided to break with convention…” says their blog regarding diversity in fashion.

They assert that they “want to help customers feel confident about their figures without bombarding them with unattainable body images,” according to The Daily Mail.

Ed Watson, Director of PR at Debenhams, hopes that the images will provide an example for other brands to follow as these brave women provide the encouragement for others to be comfortable about their bodies.

“Our customers are not the same shape or size so our latest look book celebrates this diversity. We would be delighted if others followed our lead. Hopefully these shots will be a step, albeit a small one, towards more people feeling more comfortable about their bodies,” he said.

What do you think of these inspiring images below?

Diversity In Fashion