‘Watch Dogs’ Gameplay Videos Leak Online, Garner Developer Defense

Watch Dogs doesn’t hit store shelves until May 27, but it appears some people have managed to get their hands on the game, judging by the number of videos that have surfaced online showing PS4 gameplay.

Gameranx has posted one video, which clearly leaked ahead of the embargo, that shows someone doing much more than simply hacking the city. The video actually has the player going all Grand Theft Auto on the town, first opening fire on a shop keeper, scores of pedestrians and finally the entire Chicago police force.

The Watch Dogs video does more than give us a rather glorious look into the violence that can ensue inside the Windy City. We also get to see just how people react when some random stranger starts running around town shooting anything that moves.

One scene even has a lady seemingly begging for her life as the gunman turns his sights on her, while others scatter for cover. It doesn’t take long for the police to respond either, nor does it take very long for law enforcement to up their game as one office after another is blown away.

Watch Dogs isn’t supposed to be a game where people are shooting anything that moves. In fact, Ubisoft has said that people who play Watch Dogs that way will actually suffer some severe consequences during the telling of the story.

Beyond getting to see the level of violence that can be created in Watch Dogs, people are getting a look at the graphics quality first hand and there are those who aren’t thrilled.

After fans began voicing their disappointment at Watch Dogs only running on 900fp on the PS4, Ubisoft Montreal creative director Jonathan Morin took to the web to explain his company’s line of thinking.

According to Softpedia, Morin said Ubisoft decided to focus on the dynamic game play of Watch Dogs, and worried less about dazzling gamers with graphics.

Watch Dogs is about dynamism. It could not have been the case. Everything is related to each other and everything is a choice in game development. You decide to have dynamism like ours in a full city than you must embrace it when it comes down to choices. You guys can decide to extract resolution from the big picture to make it easier of a choice for you but I can’t,” Morin said.

Watch Dogs will be available on the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on May 27 and available on the Wii U later this summer.