Netflix Announces New Plans, Splits DVD Rentals From Streaming Service

Netflix is out once again to grab as much cash from their growing user base as possible, announcing on Tuesday that they are splitting their DVD-by-mail service apart from their Netflix streaming offering.

Announced on the official Netflix company blog customers will now be charged $7.99 per month for 1 DVD out at a time, $11.99 for 2 DVDs out at one time and streaming only service for an addition $7.99 should they choose to use that offering.

While Netflix’s Jessica Becker is quick to point out that DVD only subscriptions are the company’s cheapest offering to date, the cost of pairing just 1-DVD out at a time with streaming service is now more expensive than my current 2-DVD and Streaming plan at $14.99 per month.

New customers will begin with the new plans already in place, while existing members have until September 1, 2011 to change their plans.

What do you think about the new service plan pricing? I for one am dropping their subscription service and sticking with 2 DVDs out at one time at a discounted price based on my current plans cost.