Colombia: Bus Fire Accident Kills 31 Church Kids [Video]

Colombia’s bus fire accident has reportedly taken the lives of 31 children and one adult during a return trip from an event at a Christian evangelical church near the city of Fundacion.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a truck driver miraculously recovered a semi truck that was knocked on its side by the wind, and the whole thing was caught on camera.

Emergency response crews say that Colombia’s bus fire was triggered when fuel exploded in the vehicle while it was broken down. The driver of the vehicle was attempting to start the engine by pouring petrol straight into the engine, which he had accessed through the floor boards. But, because “there was a canister of gasoline in the vehicle, the fire spread very fast.”

Eighteen people in all managed to escape, including the driver who was completely unharmed. The injured were being treated at various hospitals in the nearby region. Unfortunately, the charred remains of the victims of the accident could only be identified by dental records.

Some local media reports claim that local residents were complaining that firefighters did not arrive quickly enough to prevent the tragedy from becoming worse. There was also a claim that the bus may have been used for smuggling petrol, but other reports say the ” bus was owned by a private transport company and was used during the week to take children to and from school.” The bus was also only rated for carrying 38 people, but it is estimated that around 50 people were inside. The police are currently questioning the driver of the bus.