Game Of Thrones: George R. R. Martin Says HBO Enjoys Killing Characters More Than Him

When it comes to Game Of Thrones, George R. R. Martin kills characters just as fans begin to like them. But is he really not as bad as the HBO producers?

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Anyone who watches Game Of Thrones knows the show is known for having characters unexpectedly die off (well, unexpectedly assuming you have not read the books). But when George R. R. Martin was talking to Conan, he claimed that HBO producers were the bloodthirsty ones when it came to killing off main characters, making him only seem as if he's relatively merciful as the original writer.

Of course, to put that claim into perspective, this is what Martin said last year when he was asked about killing characters:

"We've all seen the movies where the hero is in trouble -- he's surrounded by 20 people, but you know he's gonna get away 'cause he's the hero. You don't really feel any fear for him. I want my readers, and i want viewers to be afraid when my characters are in danger. I want them to be afraid to turn the next page because the next character may not survive it."
Martin also has moments where he's met actors and actresses who are playing characters who will wind up dead:
"I had a moment where I realized they were all dead. Actually, one of them knew it, but the other two didn't know it yet... you know, they would know it they'd read the books!"
But Martin also made one other interesting revelation during the interview. It turns out he is still using technology from the 1980's to write the next book in the series:
"I actually have two computers. I have a computer I browse the Internet with and I get my email on, and I do my taxes on. And then I have my writing computer, which is a DOS machine, not connected to the Internet. I use WordStar 4.0 as my word processing system. I actually like it, it does everything I want a word processing program to do and it doesn't do anything else. I don't want any help. I hate some of these modern systems where you type a lower case letter and it becomes a capital letter. I don't want a capital. If I wanted a capital, I would have typed a capital. I know how to work the shift key."
You can check out Martin talking about writing the next installment of "A Song Of Fire And Ice" in this video: