Mom Reunites With 12-Year-Old Daughter Who Vanished Four Years Ago

A Florida mom has reunited with her 12-year-old daughter who was missing for four years. In 2009, Jodie Borchert had full legal custody of her 8-year-old daughter, Cara. However, Cara’s father, Aaron Cox, was allowed weekend visitation. According to their arrangement, Cara would stay with her father through Sunday evening. On Monday morning, he agreed to take his daughter to daycare.

When Borchert showed up at the daycare, her daughter was not there. She eventually realized that Cox never dropped Cara off. When she attempted to reach her ex-husband, Borchert learned that he fled town with the little girl. Although she reported Cara missing, her daughter’s whereabouts were unknown for four years.

Authorities believe 55-year-old Aaron Cox fled to Mexico. Although they received many leads, they found no sign of Cara or her father. The little girl was missing for four years. However, Borchert and the authorities never stopped looking for the little girl.

Last week, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received a credible tip about Cara’s whereabouts. A witness reported seeing Cox and his daughter in rural Hidalgo, Mexico. As reported by Bay News Nine, local law enforcement contacted state, federal, and international law enforcement officials.

In a joint effort, the agencies eventually located Cox and his daughter in a remote section of the Hidalgo Mountains. Once Cara was safe, Cox was arrested and charged with interference with child custody. He is currently awaiting extradition to Volusia County.

Authorities determined that Cox has no known ties to any family or friends in Mexico. He and his daughter reportedly traveled throughout the Southwest United States and Mexico — alone. He avoided detection by using false names and identification.

As reported by ABC News, Borchert was elated to learn her daughter was alive and well. The mother reunited with her daughter at Miami International Airport. Jodie Borchert’s neighbor, Charlene Viriyakul, said the reunion was a miracle:

“Four years. It’s truly amazing to have a happy ending after four years… A lot of times you always have a negative ending.”

Although it was four long years, Borchert never gave up hope. She was devastated when her daughter vanished. However, she is happy that Cara is back home where she belongs. As she is only 12-years-old, her mother has faith that Cara will readjust to her new lifestyle.

Cox will remain in custody pending arraignment. Authorities said they are unsure if he has retained counsel. The mother has reunited with her daughter and is looking forward to catching up.

[Image via ABC News]